Propane Pricing & Payments

Beck & Root stabilizes your home energy budget!

For so many households in Central and Southwestern Oklahoma, propane is a necessity. A major part of Beck & Root Propane’s mission has always been to provide this vital fuel at a transparent price. We also offer several flexible propane payment and price programs. We want you to know you’re receiving your propane at the fairest price.

What factors affect propane prices in Oklahoma?

Because propane is a co-product of natural gas extraction and oil refining, its price can move in tandem with those commodities. Supply and demand also play a significant role. Intense winters raise residential demand across the country. Rainy growing seasons may boost demand from farmers who need propane to dry their grain. These things can cause propane prices to rise.

However, it’s important to note that almost all the propane used in our country is produced domestically. So, propane prices tend to be lower and more stable than those of many other fuels.

Our Budget Pay Plan ends propane payment uncertainty

Propane customers can face unpredictable fuel expenses throughout the year. When temperatures drop in the winter, their fuel costs may leap up.

But Beck & Root can stabilize your propane payments — and potentially lower your winter costs during the cold season. When you enroll in this free program, we will spread your total annual propane costs out over the course of the year. You’ll pay the same amount each month, even if you need two deliveries one month in the winter.

Lock your propane price with Beck & Root

As with all energy sources, propane’s price can rise and fall. But we offer two programs to keep your fuel rate stable throughout the year.

To take advantage of the fantastic programs — and Beck & Root’s everyday low propane prices — become a customer.

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