Propane Cylinder Exchanges

Our Root 66 exchanges supply tanks for grills, RVs and other outdoor needs

While 11.9 million U.S. households use propane for home heating and hot water, roughly 40 million use it for grilling. A lot of American consumers — including Oklahomans in and around Canute, Eakly, Roosevelt and Tuttle — need portable propane cylinders.

These portable tanks provide fuel for barbecues, fire pits, backup generators, patio heaters, garage heaters and RVs. Beck & Root supplies these propane cylinders through our Root 66 Propane business. We deliver throughout Oklahoma as well as North Texas and Southern Kansas.

We also offer propane cylinder refills at our office locations.

Interested in becoming a Root 66 retailer?

If you have unused space at your hardware store, gas station or other retail business, Beck & Root Propane can help you attract new customers, burnish your brand and add a new income stream in the process. Oklahoma residents need 20-pound propane cylinders throughout the year, and setting up a Root 66 Propane exchange is inexpensive and stress-free. We will put up an attractive cage and signage to catch prospective customers’ eyes and then arrange a replenishment schedule. Click here to learn more about selling 20-pound cylinders.

Reach out to Beck & Root’s team today to learn the best way to exchange or refill your portable propane tanks.

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