Propane Temp Heat

We supply temporary heating for construction and other commercial uses

When it comes to warming up a space quickly — indoors or outdoors — nothing beats propane. Whether you need an efficient 35,000-Btu heater for a jobsite or something to warm up a larger commercial space, the Beck & Root Propane team can get it done for you.

We supply temporary heat solutions to commercial clients in Chickasha, El Reno, Yukon, Elk City, Clinton, Weatherford, Anadarko, Altus, and other communities in our service region.

Construction temporary heat

When nighttime temperatures drop in our part of Oklahoma, a new home or commercial building project can come up against some serious issues. Not only will your crew face adverse (even dangerous) conditions, but also your construction could suffer. Cement foundations can crack because of temperature fluctuations. Paint, joint compound, spackle and other materials won’t adhere correctly. You could end up with ice crystals in stored supplies.

Having reliable temporary heat on your worksite can prevent delays, cost overruns and safety issues.

Temp heat for many commercial uses

If you need quick heat for an industrial facility, an outdoor event, a hospitality space, a farm or some other commercial purpose, we can secure temporary heating equipment for you, set it up and connect it safely. We can install stationary propane storage, if needed, and arrange delivery and retrieval of portable propane cylinders.

In short, Beck & Root Propane is here to provide flexible, temporary heating solutions that match your space, needs and budget.

Are you interested in exploring your temp heat options for a commercial space or a construction site? Contact Beck & Root Propane today to get started.