Propane for Farms

Hog and poultry farms and other agricultural businesses trust our commercial propane team

Farms, ranches and other agricultural businesses in Central and Southwestern Oklahoma need propane for a range of crucial functions. Since 1978, the Beck & Root Propane team has proudly counted Sooner farmers among our valued customers. We are committed to always being there for them and delivering the propane they need to stay profitable.

Uses of propane for farms

In many ways, the agricultural businesses we serve could not stay operational without our propane. This fuel powers the following crucial equipment:

Propane-powered farms turn to the Beck & Root team!

When your farm or ranch needs propane to keep moving, you can’t do better than the knowledgeable and dedicated folks at Beck & Root. Our extensive experience serving agriculture clients provides insights into the best way to deliver and store this fuel.

We sell, rent, install and connect commercial propane tanks in a range of sizes. We can place them right where you need them on your property — adhering to our rigorous standards of propane safety — and then run gas lines to connect them to your equipment.

We’ll even include a tank meter, which tracks how much propane you’ve used since our last propane delivery and lets us know when to deliver more. But we only charge you for the fuel you used, not what’s sitting unused in the tank!

Do you need portable propane tanks for mobile gas equipment? Our Root 66 Propane business can deliver cylinders to you on your schedule!

Beck & Root Propane will do everything we can to ensure that you never run low on the propane your farm needs. Reach out to us to become a customer.