Propane Autogas

Oklahoma vehicle fleets are cutting costs (and emissions) by converting to autogas

With gasoline and diesel prices on the rise over the last decade and the transportation sector still stubbornly the largest greenhouse gas emitter in the United States, businesses and municipalities are looking for ways to make their fleets less expensive and more eco-friendly.

One of the most effective ways to decarbonize your fleet while slashing your fuel and operating costs is with propane autogas. Propane is the third most popular transportation fuel in the country. The Propane Education & Research Council says that there are more than 60,000 commercial vehicles using propane autogas on the road today.

Saving money with propane autogas

A propane autogas conversion yields cost savings right away with lower fuel expenditures. According to Alliance AutoGas, propane offers savings of between 30% and 50% over gasoline and diesel. And that’s just part of the financial benefits. The Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuel Data Center notes the potential for lower maintenance costs and a longer engine life span than with diesel.

A propane autogas conversion is generally far more affordable than converting to electric vehicles (EVs). The expense of establishing EV chargers and other infrastructure for 10 electric vehicles can reach $480,000. In contrast, setting up infrastructure for 10 propane autogas vehicles with a propane tank of up to 2,000 gallons is estimated to cost only about $60,000.

Environmental benefits of propane autogas

When you use propane autogas in place of diesel or gasoline, you’ll see a huge reduction in its carbon intensity (the amount of carbon dioxide generated to produce a given amount of energy). Propane’s carbon intensity is 14% lower than that of gas or diesel and 26% lower than that of Oklahoma’s grid-sourced electricity.

Autogas also lowers carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide and particulate matter emissions in the process.

Beck & Root Propane is your autogas supplier

If you need propane autogas for your fleet in Central or Southwestern Oklahoma, then Beck & Root Propane is your best partner. We will work closely with your team to create a custom propane delivery schedule. We can set up autogas storage tanks and dispensing equipment to save you time fueling your vehicles on-site. Autogas is also available at our offices in Canute, Eakly, Roosevelt and Tuttle.

Need to convert a diesel or gasoline fleet to propane autogas? The Beck & Root team can help you connect with a service to do that promptly and affordably.

Contact Beck & Root Propane today to start receiving propane autogas at your business.