Commercial Propane

We serve businesses, worksites, farms, vehicle fleets and other commercial customers in Central and Southwestern Oklahoma

At Beck & Root Propane, we are committed to fulfilling the unique needs of each and every one of our customers. This is just as true of the commercial clients we have as it is of the households we serve.

Our premium propane heats up car wash equipment and powers construction sites. It keeps patrons comfortable at restaurants and manufacturing plants moving at full speed. Here are a few of the commercial propane services we provide.

Forklift propane services

If you have a fleet of propane forklifts, we can make sure that you never run out of fuel to keep them running. We offer forklift propane cylinder deliveries, and we can also set up a tank at your business so that you can refill your own cylinders. Beck & Root Propane is here to develop your customized plan.

Propane for farms

The agricultural propane we deliver to hog and poultry farms, cattle ranches and other businesses provides power for many vital functions. These include irrigation pump motors, crop drying, heating barns and other outbuildings, and power generation.

Autogas services

You can rapidly decarbonize your vehicle fleet and lower your fuel and operational costs by switching to propane autogas. We can set up a propane tank and dispensing equipment at your business, or you can fill up at our local offices.

Temp heat

We provide temporary heat solutions and the propane to power them to contruction sites and other commercial ventures in Central and Southwestern Oklahoma. Your workers and customers will stay safe and comfortable — plus temperature-related mishaps won’t disrupt your project.

If you’re interested in our flexible, responsive commercial propane services, become a Beck & Root Propane customer today.