Posted: July 8, 2024

The Ins and Outs of Propane

Propane tips for new users in Central and Southwestern Oklahoma.

propane Tuttle, OK Propane is a versatile and efficient energy source that can power many systems and products in your home. It’s also energy that you control. Instead of relying on a gas utility, you can store your fuel in a dedicated propane tank on your property. Propane is popular among homeowners in Tuttle and across Central and Southwestern Oklahoma. Still, if you’re using it in your home for the first time, this guide will help you understand its benefits, how to manage it and how to ensure you never run out.

What Propane Can Do for Your Home

From heating your home to powering your stove, water heater, and even your clothes dryer, propane’s applications are diverse. Its versatility extends outdoors, as well. Here are some of the outstanding uses of propane for your home:

Reading Your Propane Tank Levels

Checking your propane levels is simple. You just need to find the propane tank gauge that indicates the fuel level. It’s typically located under a dome on top of the tank. The gauge’s needle points to a percentage number, showing how full the tank is.

Beck & Root Propane offers tank metering as well. With this service, we attach a usage meter. We’ll keep the tank filled but only charge you for the fuel that you’ve used, not for what’s sitting in the tank!

How to Order More Propane

To get the most from your propane-powered home, you need a propane delivery partner who can keep your tank reliably filled. “Will-Call” customers should keep an eye on your gauge and order before levels drop too low. A good rule of thumb is to contact your propane company when your tank is at about 30%.

However, the Beck & Root team has a free, zero-stress option — Keep Full propane delivery.

With Keep Full, we handle all the planning. We’ll track your fuel consumption and pre-emptively schedule your next delivery for you. There’s no fee to use Keep Full delivery, and you can say goodbye to checking a tank gauge or contact us for propane.

Trust Beck & Root Propane — Your Local Home Comfort Provider

We have been keeping Sooner families comfortable since 1978. As a Beck & Root customer, you’ll receive more responsive, personalized service than a national corporation can provide. Our employees live in the communities we serve. So, you can be confident that a locally-based team member will handle your request, and we’ll always treat you like a neighbor.

Partner with a propane company that will ensure you never run out of the energy your home needs. Join the Beck & Root Propane family of customers.